Hexahero is a 3D Roguelike mobile game, created by the Bosnian game development team, Monad Games. Hexahero is a mobile game based on crossing different arenas and chapters, which are full of unpleasant opponents who will try to harm you in every way.

The creation of the game itself began in the middle of 2021 and the official release date will be known soon. Hexahero contains his story, various items, heroes, opponents, arenas, chapters and many more interesting things!


In an unknown land, deep behind twelve mountains and twelve seas, lay the great Kingdom of Nesya. Nesya was a powerful kingdom that ruled large vast regions of an unknown land and its people proudly guarded the borders of the empire and peace on the soil of an unknown land for centuries.

Through the centuries, the honest inhabitants of the empire were engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and the young inhabitants of the empire were taught from an early age how to fight and martial education. A large number of young knights each year proudly guarded the kingdom and were at the service of the various rulers of the kingdom of Nesya. The Kingdom was getting stronger and stronger every day and its power was spreading and advancing through various territories.

Everything stopped

After some period, the progress of the Kingdom of Nesya came to a halt and the people felt that the dominance of the Kingdom in the unknown land was declining and they hoped to return to the old days of glory. Various groups and movements of people who fought for different ideas began to appear in the Kingdom. The most mystical of the movements and certainly the strongest was the Dark Nesya movement.

The Dark Nesya movement was very mysterious and even the inhabitants of Nesya did not know what exactly the movement was about. The only information that the inhabitants had was that the movement was closely connected with magic and that they hid dangerous power behind them.

The Kingdom began to collapse more and more over time and people realized that the Kingdom was beginning to die out from within. The inhabitants decided to collectively prevent the Kingdom from ending and begin to look for the culprit for the state of the Kingdom.

After fierce revolts in the Kingdom, the people considered the current ruler William VI as the main culprit and they tried with all their might to forcibly overthrow him and execute him. King William VI, seeing the situation as inevitable and realizing that he would not be able to hide for long in the castle with the guards, tries to find a way to escape from the Kingdom.

Black start

The Dark Nesya movement saw the whole situation as an opportunity to deeply infiltrate the very top of the Kingdom's command and very quickly with a mysterious infiltration managed to infiltrate its men into the castle and the largest ruling top of the Nesya Kingdom.

Members of the Dark Nesya Movement soon learn that King William VI is rapidly seeking a solution to the great problem in which he finds himself and they try to turn the whole situation in their favor by conditioning King William VI to agree to act under their control.

The Dark Nesya movement in turn allowed King William VI to continue a secure life without fear that the inhabitants would rebel again and question his survival. The exhausted King William VI agrees to continue the rule of the Kingdom under the control of the Dark Nesya movement and the mysterious movement very quickly exercises complete power over the Kingdom.

With its connections, the Dark Nesya movement manages to calm the rebellion of the population by assuring the people that the situation will get better soon, people naively agree and rebellions have stopped. Dark Nesya movement decides to start magical experiments on the territory of the Kingdom on certain plant and animal species and manages to create a pair of very strong mutants that they carefully kept in special cages as very rare experimental exhibits.

The Dark Nesya movement very quickly realizes enormous power over the Kingdom and from the shadows they take over all vital human functions in the Kingdom. Their unknown mission reached the peak of their journey and by taking over the Kingdom they reached enormous power.

The new laws and impositions introduced by the Kingdom did not bring confidence in the population of the Kingdom of Nesya, and the people began to doubt the promises imposed on them by prominent people associated with the movement.

Secret is revealed

A group of guards stationed in the castle realizes that King William VI receives orders from someone and that he is not the most important player in the Kingdom and decides to try to follow and find out as many answers to the questions that were running through their heads. In the following period, they managed to find out a couple of very important things, one of which is that very powerful people rule the Kingdom of Nesya with King William VI and that they are the most powerful top of the Kingdom.

With the help of their friends close to the Kingdom, they learn that a very important meeting will soon be held, which will be attended by people who control King William VI. They decide to spy on the meeting, and they do. At the meeting, they reveal that the powerful people are the ones who persuaded the people to stop the rebellions in the Kingdom and that they are members of a secret organization that operates in the Kingdom.

They identify powerful people and at the same time identify the organization to which they belong - the Dark Nesya Movement. They decide to start great rebellions that would include a military coup in the Kingdom and the final takeover of the Kingdom into the hands of the people. A group of brave guards announces the results of their search and the people soon realize that they have been deceived and that they have been exploited.

The people and the army take up arms and forcibly try to enter the castle. Members of the Dark Nesya movement who were in the castle are killing King William VI for leaking very important information about their mutual agreement and start searching for a way to escape from the castle.

Struggle for survival

Other members of the movement who outside found out about the rebellion and resolutely look for a way to help their colleagues who were in the castle before the people and the army enter the castle. After a short meeting, they decide to make a rigorous decision and release a large part of the experimental mutants and use them to defend themselves.

With the help of strong magical powers, the members of Dark Nesya manage to gain complete mental control over the mutants and to control them under their commands. Meanwhile, the people and the army manage to enter the castle and capture members of the Dark Nesya movement who were in the castle and take them out as prisoners in front of a gathered mass of people.

The remaining members of the movement find out where their colleagues will be detained and decide to organize an action of rescuing them at night with the help of mutants. Before the organized action, the military questioned captured members of the movement and they revealed secrets about the different types of mutants that the Dark Nesya movement keeps in various secret locations across the Kingdom and that it is only a matter of time before they are released.

He added that the survival of the movement was threatened and that Dark Nesya would not surrender at any cost. The leader of the soldiers suggests that a defense be set up for sudden attacks because it is to be expected that the movement will try to release the captured members.

First encounter

Later that night, the action began. Different types of mutants surrounded the dungeons, but they were greeted by ready soldiers and a large number of mutants were killed in the attack. Unfortunately, the entire crowd was taken advantage of by captured members, and yet they managed to escape with their dexterity, killing two guards who got in their way.

In the morning, the army command informed the people about the attack that took place and they informed the residents about the type of enemy they were fighting. It is soon learned that the mutants were seen in various parts of the Kingdom and that they committed murders and caused damage to a large number of innocent inhabitants.

The army decides to declare a state of war and military groups are soon formed and sent to various parts of the Kingdom of Nesya.

Hexahero begins

Dark Nesya, to strengthen its troops and be an equal opponent to its enemy, magically establishes a connection with the tribes of magical beings. They manage to persuade certain tribes to take their side and get involved in this earthly war with their forces.

With this move, the tribes of Ghosts, Fire Giants, and more join forces of Dark Nesya. Meanwhile, the army command decides to send a group of girls, longtime members of the army, to the most difficult part of the front, known as Hexa, and assign them a special task.

The task was the responsibility to break through the lines of mutants that posed a threat to vital parts of the Kingdom of Nesya. The girls gladly accepted the task and set out to complete it. Operation Hexahero could begin!


Hexahero is based on battle-based arenas that a player must go through to progress through the game. He is hindered by various types of mutants and monsters, as well as certain obstacles that arenas contain. Players advancing through the arenas also unlock opportunities to upgrade the abilities that the character you lead possesses.

The player is not limited in terms of character, where we have provided a solid selection of different characters that you can guide through the game. Hexahero also contains chests that you can open from them to get Hexahero items to help you in a particular segment of the game.

Hexahero also has several different game modes that will surely represent a certain amount of fun for our players. In terms of items, Hexahero has various types of items that have different purposes and impact on the game, some of them are weapons, magic, armor, etc.

You are a Hexahero, your goal is to defeat all the enemies threatening the once peaceful world. To free the world you need to fight, collect resources, coins, gemstones, rare cards, upgrade runes, and more...

Hexahero will be getting updates, and seasonal changes for all Heroes to stay in the fight, to become a true Hexahero.

If this all sounds good to you, go ahead and download Hexahero, and take your time to save the world.