Gigycube: Jelly Rush Support Center

Welcome to Gigycube: Jelly Rush Support Center! Here you can find common solutions for common problems, while also learning what each error means. If you have a different error, or these fixes don't help you, do not hesitate to reach out to us by clicking "here".

Update available

This means that the game needs to be updated if you want to play. We do not allow users to connect to our servers while using outdated versions of the game. When you see this error, click on the update button, or download the game from Google Play or AppStore respectively.

An error occurred while loading the data.

This error represents that the client is not able to fetch the data from our server. Before anything check your internet connection, if that does not help our servers might not be returning the data correctly. Please wait and try again later.

Unable to connect to the server

This means that the game is not able to connect to our servers. It could be due to your internet connection or our servers might be down.

Unexpected Error

This error could mean many things. To fix it please check your internet connection, try restarting or reinstalling the game, or try again later.